Continuous measurement with the app

What happens in the app? Every day, thumbl asks you a couple of questions. About how you feel for example, if you’re bursting with energy, or whether you’ve already complimented a colleague. Like this, we gather data about you and your team. How much time will it take you? It only takes about a minute, and you’re allowed to decline if it’s inconvenient at that moment. You can receive a notifications as a reminder, after which the app asks you a few questions.With the app you’ll gain insights about yourself and how the team functions as a whole.

How does thumbl guarantee my privacy?

We guarantee all users that personal data is secured and encrypted. This means that your data is not available to a third party, as your answers are processed completely anonymously. Your replies cannot be traced back to a single person; only the results of the team as a whole are reported back to the team and organization. All data is stored safely and anonymously on servers in the Netherlands and GDPR-compliant.

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