thumbl is a conversational technology that supports organizations in transition to communicate with all employees that are in a transition process

What is thumbl?

With our AI-driven conversational technology, we interact with all people within your organization, so that organization-wide habits are developed and teams are thriving in an agile workspace.

Organisations in turmoil due to change of organization, working structure or strategy usually stall. This is due to that the full details of  the organization are not available. thumbl facilitates these insights so you can optimize the working structure.

Measuring key indicators with our AI-driven conversational technology we collect insight with the aim to create thriving teams that adopting the changes that are needed in a disrupting environment. thumbl displays a live dashboard, featuring indicators such as well-being (happiness), energy, vitality, and stress. Every week thumbl sends everyone aggregated data through email, which includes data-based microlearning suggestions on specific workplace behaviors and embrace beneficial habits. These suggestions are the starting point for team discussions that focus on creating a positive working climate.


With the thumbl-conversation technology, we have daily interactions with all employees to gain insight into e.g. how engaged and happy your employees are and how they respond to change. The insights are collected and reported in an anonymous manner at team and organization level and GDPR-compliant.

In addition, thumbl encourages managers and employees to work on a positive working environment by means of micro e-learning. This way we stimulate employees to integrate company values, and best practice principles, into the daily working routine of their teams.


On the basis of the insights, thumbl, offers an intervention program through the use of e-learning solutions. This can be implemented at team level or embraced company-wide. To accelerate, thumbl helps managers and teamleaders emphasize on learning skills  and focus on specific themes such as collaboration, communication, conflict management and feedback.

thumbl encourages employees to take their own responsibility in promoting the values of the organization.


Who is thumbl for?

thumbl provides support bij giving insights to organizations throughout the world that want to advance their operations, but who generally lack the fine-grained insights in every corner of your organzation and therefore primarily addresses KPI’s. With thumbl finally a complete and live picture of the organization can be generated.

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